We are looking for musical performers of all kinds, including large and small bands, acoustic acts, classical and jazz artists, DJs, and dance groups.

We are holding auditions on Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th February between 12 and 4pm. Please fill out this form to sign up to a 15 minute slot.

If you are a band needing equipment, please sign up to a slot on Saturday 11th between 12 and 1.30pm. These auditions will be held in the Choir Room of St. Catharine's College, where we be provide a drum kit, PA speakers, 2 microphones with stands, an electronic keyboard (there will also be a grand piano), and two guitar amps. Please bring your own leads. If you cannot make any of these slots please email us at juneeventents@caths.cam.ac.uk and we can try to arrange another audition time or a time to watch a rehearsal or a gig.

If you do not need any amplification, please sign up to any other slot (i.e. 2-4pm on Saturday 11th or 12-4pm on Sunday 12th). These auditions will be held in the Upper Octagon at St. Chad's, on West Road, where there will be a grand piano and CD player provided, but no other equipment.

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11th February
12th February